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CPS Book

The Campbell Prediction System

Logic and Language for Fire Behavior Strategies and Tactics

The Campbell Prediction System (CPS) is a practical way to use on-scene fire behavior observations in order to determine fire behavior strategies and tactics. A combination of scientific research and the knowledge of the successful firefighters' methods and practices are utilized to explain fire behavior. In these situations the observed fire behavior becomes the baseline for fire behavior predictions. A special logic replaces intuition allowing an explanation of how tactics are developed. Developing a strong case for acting on the fire's potential rather than waiting for the fire to make the change would save many of the lives lost because firefighters reacted too late. If people could explain what the potential of the fire is in their situation, few accidents would happen. The Campbell Prediction System provides the logic and language to do so.

For more information about CPS read The Art of Wildland Firefighting - a working paper by Doug Campbell and Bruce Schubert - located in the Articles section on this website

Doug Campbell has written a wildland fire behavior book and training course based on 40 years of experience working with wildland fires. The Campbell Prediction System book outlines the practical and experienced based aspects of wildland fire management.

Have you ever wondered how some older, experienced firefighters know when the fire is about to change and endanger personnel? Have you ever asked them how they knew? Would you like to know more about how to understand wildland fire and explain how you know in advance what it will do? If you do, then this book is for you.

Doug’s goal is to develop instructors in fire agencies. These individuals will modify the course to meet their needs. The instructors are supported with books and graphics which are sold on this website.

The Campbell Prediction System currently is being embedded into an open source software project by Bruce Schubert at The software's objective is to graphically render a fire's potential behavior on the terrain over time so that trigger points can be identified. The initial goal is provide a learning tool to assist instructors and students; subsequent goals include use on Rx burns and on active wildland fires.